Sweet Baby Sister An Ocean Away……

Meet Lillianna Grace!

Our sweet Lillianna found a place in our hearts almost immediately when we heard her story. For almost two years she had been clinging to a little flame of hope inside her while life happened around her. Then, when we least expected it,  we found her and the promise of Hope entered her life as we made the commitment to bring her home to our very own nest! Now, she waits, unaware, for us to come to her in China  just a few hours away from where her sister Abigail waited last year! It’s easy to understand how it only took one glance at this precious little face to know that we needed each other, Lillianna, Abigail and I. We believe were meant to be together as family and right now there is an ocean between us. This distance is too far since we know our Lillianna’s needs are urgent and she must come home as quickly as possible to be enfolded in our love and receive medical care.

Lillianna is a special needs baby whose needs are complicated and deteriorating. There is very spotty medical information available but what does exist confirms the need for a rapid homecoming. Someone who cares about her well-being recently checked on her, observing her condition and responsiveness. This caring facilitator quickly reported back that we need to come as soon as possible and that there is a high level of concern for her health.  

This is why we are working tirelessly through the complicated steps to expedite her adoption process and why we are dedicated to raising the necessary funds to bring our baby home now! We know that we must depend on the kindness and compassion of our friends and family to help us spread the word and reach those whose hearts are called, to help raise the ransom to redeem the life of our sweet baby. Please come alongside us and support us in any way you can, through prayer, donations, and by attending and spreading news of our fundraising efforts. Together we can support a miracle. We can bring a tiny girl who has been all but forgotten and who is listlessly waiting to feel hope rekindled, home forever! Thank you and God bless you for being a part of our Lillanna’s unfolding story of “Grace”!


dreaming of sister….

photo 1-3

dreaming of sister…..




2 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Sister An Ocean Away……

  1. So inspirational…..we will help raise some funds to bring her home! You are such an amazing person with a huge capacity to love and give…….keep us posted, we will keep you in our prayers. -Kiersten

    • ahh Kiersten, thank you so much! i so appreciate your words and your family’s heart of support! thank you for your prayers too! let me know your ideas or what you would like to help do and how and ill give you anything you need! hoping to def have some sales and auctions up before long! i have posters too!

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